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The Art Trail Centre©, representatives agreed by the Art Trail Centre©, Jill McKay or the terms “we”, “our” or “us” refer to all services provided by “The Art Trail Centre©” within the terms and conditions below. Jill McKay is the professional and trading name of A. J Wells.

The use of this website is subject to our disclaimer of use and copyright :

All Bookings

How to book & pay

1) Every client must complete and sign our booking form which is available on the Art Trail Centre© website. Where any bookings, including electronic bookings, are taken or agreed in any way or form by the Art Trail Centre©, or any of it's it's represenativatives , acceptance of the terms and conditions will be taken as accepted by the client. Students pre booking events must read any changes in our conditions which will be taken as read upon acceptance of all bookings in any format.
2) Booking reservations for places made via the Internet, email, fax, post or delivered by hand are only valid upon advanced full payment of either cash or cheque prior to the event and acceptance by The Art Trail Centre©. Payment is due within 7 working days after your initial reservation.
3) Please make all cheque's payable to A.J Wells. Online transfer payments are acceptable when quoting an agreed reference. Cheque's made payable to any party other than A.J Wells cannot be accepted and confirmation of reservation may be at risk.

Materials & Equipment


4.1 All Courses exclude materials unless otherwise specifically stated. These may be provided at extra cost with seven days prior notice. Where equipment is provided and is damaged or broken, the student or person representing the members, will be responsible for full payment. Where we run workshops these may be fully inclusive of all materials, use of equipment and full tuition, if this is so this will be stated within the workshop or event description.

4.2 When we pre order materials or equipment on behalf of the student, the student wil be liable for all costs whether cancelled post order, collected or not.

Payments, Cancellations & Date Swaps!

5) Cancellations

5.1 - You have the right to cancel the course booking and obtain a refund of all fees paid to date if you inform us within 7 days of the booking that you wish to cancel. If the course has started within the 7 day period, this right of cancellation shall not apply.

5.2 - Due to other business commitments, all payments are non refundable or transferable with effect from the date of booking, see 5.1 above or once the event / course has started, with the exception of an event being cancelled by The Art Trail Centre©. Payments for a specific course, workshop or event may not be transferred to other events or persons once booked.

5.3 - Where, due to unforeseen circimstances, we cancel the term series during a course term, we will issue a credit prorata credit against the next course series.

6) Class Swap

To help our students gain the most from our term classes and with prior agreement we offer the facility of a ‘ class date swap’ on any course we run. This date swap may be exchanged within the same term with another course date one week prior, or one week after the date in question and is subject to availability of student vacancies on other course days.

As you can imagine with so many courses running during the week we have to manage this carefully and with respect to other students, hence this limited facility is only available on a one off basis per term and classes that are not attended cannot be transferred or credited within the term or carried forward as a credit to the next or subsequent terms. Date swaps are not applicable to any other services or events provided by us unless individually agreed. We plan our events in advance and accommodate students as previous mentioned for single "cannot attend circumstances"; however, where a student books a place and subsequently makes other arrangements for other non Art Trail Centre events they must accept and not take for granted that a date swap or credit for that term of tutor time will apply. We offer the flexibility mentioned but cannot be all things to all people. Hence only the single date swap conditions and flexibility will apply.

7) Payments

All cheque payments to A J Wells must be seven (7) days in advance and dated the same as the date as that of the initial reservation.

8) Offers

8a -Multi-class discount savers cannot be mixed between different Workshop Series (i.e. can only be used for workshops in one term and not carried across terms), and are only for the subjects advertised as applicable.
8b - Where given, discounts may only be claimed for an individual's own requirements and not grouped with other students requirements to gain multi class discounts.

9) Classes & Events

If a place is unavailable for a chosen class, student artists will immediately be informed and their booking may be held on a waiting list. This list will work on a first come basis.
10) All classes must reach minimum numbers to run. We reserve the right to change events and dates if minimum numbers are not achieved.
11) Where events are over subscribed we will try, we normally do not duplicate workshops and advise booking early. For classes where possible, we may add additional dates.

Group, Society & Company Bookings for Demonstrations or Tuition

12) Where a lead person books or reserves events or holidays with Jill McKay or the Art Trail Centre© on behalf of their self for other persons, the lead person will be responsible for full payment unless each person individually completes our booking forms and conditions. Where group bookings are required the booking forms on our website may be used if not previously posted to the prospective students. A lead person may reserve in advance events on behalf of others, prior those individuals completing the required documentation; to ensure these dates and events are pre booked.
13) Where Art Societies, Institutions or other associations reserve advance dates for services relating to Jill McKay’s Art Trail Centre©, full payment is due whether the event is held or not. This will not apply if cancelled by The Art Trail Centre©.
14) By paying a deposit, on behalf of yourself, other Organisations or members of your group, it will be taken that you have read and accepted the booking conditions and general information contained on this web site or that which has been posted to you.
15) Fees for Group tuition at the Art Trail Centre wil be given in advance as a fixed fee based on bespoke requirements.
16) Where travel is required we will provide a fixed cost in addition to our tuition or demonstration fee to cover our travel expenses, unless the booked date is significantly in advance and travel costs increase above CPI.
17) Should overnight accommodation be required this will be charged at cost to the event organiser.
18) Demonstration fees include all materials
19) Where overhead projection or camera equipment are required to display the demonstration or tuition to larger groups, these will be the responsibility of the event organiser. Copyright remains with Jill McKay.
20) Full or any outstanding payments are due in full on the day of the event for all agreed costs, travel, accommodation and where agreed in advance materials / equipment.

Gift Vouchers

21) All Art Trail Centre© gift vouchers are valid for six months from the date of issue and are non transferable, unless otherwise stated. No refund will be given in part or full. They are only vaild upon full payment.


22) We cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies within the information on this website. Errors and omissions excepted.

Photography, Copyright & Recording

23)Please be aware that during all events, any photographs or video footage taken may be used for future promotion of Jill McKay or the Art Trail Centre© - Art with Class events. Students need to inform us in advance if they do not wish to be involved in this process. Any recordings, photography or video of Jill McKay 'at work' or student classes must have prior written permission.
24) Any reference material provided by Jill McKay or the Art Trail Centre, whether via electronic format, copy, painting, photographs or by any other form; remains the copyright of Jill McKay. Copyright laws apply and no exemption will apply without the express written authority of Jill McKay. Any monies made by any person, through breach of these conditions, plus costs; may be claimed by Jill McKay or in her married name A.J. Wells.
25) All paintings, drawings and art work completed at the Art Trail Centre with Jill McKay are copyright protected to Jill McKay unless stated. No student paintings designed and / or started with Jill McKay may be displayed or sold, used with other individuals for artistic reasons of any type without expressed written consent from Jill McKay. Costs, Damages and full sale value may be claimed. No student photography or videoing without expressed written consent from Jill McKay will be allowed. Any breach of copyright will be challenged.


We pride ourselves with our standard of customer satisfation. Sometimes things happen or the student may have personal feelings or circumstances which they consider are impacting on their learning. We have no wish to have dissatisfied clients and we consider it part of the contract between us that we are given an opportunity to address or right any concern or complaint you may have. Should any situation arise when you feel this needs bringing to the attention of the tutor please ensure the tutor is notified immediately. If deemed necessary we may ask you to remain after class to find a solution, we are happy to do this. Situations which arise and not brought to our attention other than immediate do not provide us with the opportunity to resolve matters successfully.

We cannot accept complaints made after the class, or after the client has returned home, where we have not been given any opportunity to put matters right during your lesson or at the end of class. This is neither fair, reasonable or polite.

If the student cannot gain a resolve and does not complete the event or course, no refund wil be payable. Likelwise if the student is asked to leave the event or course, no refund will be given..

Taster Workshops

These adult workshops provide all materials, use of equipment, full professional tuition, tea & coffee and using our subject(s), you will go home with a completed painting. These fun events are for all new adult students to the Art Trail Centre, previous students wishing to attend these events must book other non Taster events. Where set Taster workshop event dates are published we manage these events to minimum and maximum numbers, hence once booked a date cannot be changed. Only published dates apply so please choose an alternative date shown that you wish to book should your first choice be full. We work on a strictly first come basis to ensure we are fair to everyone.


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Painting Holiday and Breaks Away

All painting holidays and breaks away are subject additionally to the following:

Insurance, Travel, Medical - Things to do first

Prior booking, if you have a medical condition that may affect your ability to take part in the holiday; please consult your doctor. It is your responsibility to be adequately fit to forfil the holiday activities.

H1) A condition of booking is that you ensure you have valid personal holiday insurance to cover any accommodation/travel/medical changes, volcanic ash or alike and emergencies. Check your policy excess in advance. A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is necessary to receive healthcare during your visit to an E.E.A country or Switzerland. Forms are available from your local Post Office. You will need to bring this with you for any non U.K painting holidays covered by the E.H.I.C. Hospitals will request this medical card and your insurance prior to treatment so carry these in your wallet or purse in case of need at all times. Note in certain countries not all of your emergency hospital costs are covered by your EHIC and you will be liable for any excesses where insurance has not been taken out.
H2) For all non U.K. holidays your passport must be valid at time of travel. Some airlines require a second photographic identity e.g. the new style driving license or National Identity cards.
H3) If you have medical conditions we should be aware of, please confirm this in writing and ensure you bring any necessary medication with you. You should carry the necessary medication and information for other medical staff with you as prescribed by your doctor.
H4) Please note we cannot be held responsible for any medical actions or treatment required in cases of emergency or medical attention required via scheduled appointments.
H5) Where we offer help it is offered with the best intentions and we will not be held responsible or liable for any genuine help which may result in any claim against us . This does not exclude our legal obligations.

Payments & Bookings

When booking for the group many companies ask for advanced commitment based on a certain number of people. This means the group booking has to have firm conditions to ensure it meets it's financial obligations.
H6) Unless stated and for each painting holiday package, different prices may apply depending on the accommodation, food, travel, tuition options chosen and whether a non-painter is accompanying you.
H7) We can only accept firm bookings when accompanied by a minimum non-refundable deposit of 50% or as stated on our specific request.
H8) You will be informed of the remaining non-refundable balance, which is required by the Art Trail Centre© nine weeks prior to the departure date (made payable to A.J Wells or requested name; and, if not paid, we reserve the right to cancel the holiday place/s concerned, without refund.
H9) All cancellations must be notified to us in writing. In the event of a cancellation being made by the client for any reason nine weeks or more before departure, all monies paid will be considered forfeit. If notice of cancellation is received less than nine weeks before the departure date the full cost of the holiday will be payable. If our chosen venue has terms in the excess of these then we will notify you. Should the holiday be subsequently re-booked by us then a refund may be made in accordance with the amount received for re-booking, less any expenses, costs and losses incurred by us as a result of the cancellation, and less the original deposit paid.
H10) If a booking is accepted by us and for any reason there is an alteration to or cancellation of the holiday accommodation we shall notify the client/s of such alteration or cancellation and shall offer them a comparable alternative holiday, if available. No liability for cancellations shall arise beyond the refund to the client of any monies paid by them in respect of the accommodation booking/s so cancelled, less expenses incurred by ourselves.
H11) In the unlikely event of the holiday being cancelled by The Art Trail Centre, a full refund of monies paid to us will be refunded.

Bespoke requirements

H12) For any bespoke arrangements outside the scope of the programme of holidays we reserve the right to charge for any justifiable costs of postage, telephone, cancellation charges currency changes, increases in accommodation or unknown price increases.


H13) It is advisable to book any personal travel arrangements in advance to avoid disappointment.
H4) We cannot be held responsible for any changes to arrangements regarding Ferry, Airline, Coach, Train or Accommodation by outside third parties. Where we book these on your behalf we will endeavour to find the same or similar.
H15) Where we have agreed to collect and return you to your airport , bus or train station at specific times, any changes by third parties must be immediately notified to us. We cannot be held responsible for breakdowns or mis-departures of any kind that may impact on your connection schedules. Where we involve additional costs due to these changes, additional costs may apply. the clients holiday insurance must cover these instances.


H16) Only the named person/s on the booking form may use accommodation provided. Extra people will be charged at the price per person rate, providing space is available.
H17) Where any places are requested within the nine week period prior to the event, the full payment is due upon reservation. Where cancellation is invoked due to illness with a doctors certificate, a non attendance certificate will be issued by ourselves to assist with any claims on your insurance policy.
H18) If you require special dietary requirements please inform us. We will forward these, where you are staying in hotel or Bed and breakfast accommodation to the necessary persons. This does not obviate your responsibility to the same parties or their compliance.
H19) Where the above does not comply to your special requirements we will not accept any responsibility.
H20) Mechanical breakdown of equipment such as dishwashers, televisions, air-conditioning, washing machines, showers, boilers and cookers obviously happens from time to time. We shall do our best to ensure that such equipment is repaired as soon as possible but we cannot made responsible for such equipment or other like equipment.
H21) Sometimes it is necessary to employ local agencies or companies for property management, travel or special arrangements. It must be understood by the client that under no circumstances are we liable for their actions or services. Clients must notify us directly of any issues or problems. Hopefully we can assist these to a successful conclusion.

Holiday Satisfaction

H22) We have no wish to have dissatisfied clients and we consider it part of this contract of booking on your behalf that we are given an opportunity within 48 hours of your arrival at the holiday accommodation, to put address or right any complaint you may have.
H23) Clients must give notice of any complaints by informing our office or named local Art Trail Centre© representatives. This will give us the opportunity to put in order any grievances the client may have.
H24) We cannot accept complaints made at the end of the holiday, or after the client has returned home, where we have not been given any opportunity to put matters right during your stay. This is neither fair, reasonable or polite.
H25) The Art Trail Centre© or it's representatives cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss, damage or circumstances beyond their control on any event.
H26) Occasionally, Jill McKay is employed by other organisations who organise their own painting holidays both in the U.K and abroad. Jill McKay, the Art Trail Centre or any other person representing them will not be liable in any way when employed by third parties.
H27) Please refer to the terms and conditions of the organisation employing Jill McKay for the specific painting week. It is important to note that the above copyright terms and conditions still apply to any class delivered by Jill McKay or the Art Trail Centre.
H28) At the time of the holiday price being advertised we estimate the Sterling vv Euro Exchange rate as these Currency exchanges can vary considerably, whilst we attempt to plan our costs in advance there may be variations which lead to supplements being implemented or where additional local taxes are demanded. We endeavour to avoid these supplements where possible but as you can appreciate this cannot be guaranteed and therefore we reserve the right to add these at any stage of the holiday period booked. By paying your full deposit when booking it may be possible to take advantage of currency exchange.
H29) We reserve the right to to alter arrangements and programmes because of factors beyond our control, such as weather, conditions, personnel sickness, unforeseen circumstances or when we consider this to be in the interest of our clients. Should any changes take place will we advise as soon as possible.
H30) We accept no liability for Cancellations, delays or changes caused by war, threat of war, terrorism, strikes - airports -ferry or train station closures,

Health and Safety

The Art Trail Centre© takes reasonable precaution to ensure the health and safety of its students. You are asked to inform us of any areas that need attention that could adversely affect you or your fellow students, to enable us to rectify or improve conditions immediately for your benefit. The Art Trail Centre© or it’s representatives cannot be held liable for any accident or injury occurring on their premises or on any events/painting holidays. We accept no liability for vehicles parked at any of our holidays, events or at the Art Trail Centre. All the conditions above will prevail at all times and substitute terms and conditions will not be accepted.

Special Note

We cannot accept any bookings without agreement to the above terms and conditions; however, booked.

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