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The Art Trail Centre Holiday FAQ's

How do I choose the right holiday?

Choosing a European painting holiday can sometimes be a hit and miss affair but not if you choose a painting holiday with the Art Trail Centre! Student feedback from past holidays indicates the success of our events.

Jill and Brian at the Art Trail Centre have been providing events and painting holidays for many years.

Their wealth of experience, literally spanning a period of 28 years, is clearly demonstrated in their superb management of the holidays from the time you book to the time you want to book again!

Few holidays offer a such professional yet relaxed choices of beautiful venues to paint, in the media of your choice, providing good value accommodation, day trips, activities, with time to relax and be pampered. From the time you are collected from your airport you will feel very special and welcome whether alone or with company. Do not worry if your French for example is not up to scratch, we will be there to support you.

What is the balance of painting to social activities?

The balance of painting and activities are well planned allowing you to complement your painting and drawing time with other activities available on the particular annual holiday.

Do I need to have previous experience in any of the additional activities on offer?

You do not have to worry about being competent at any of the activities because you have the option of free assistance for part or all of the activity. We aim to ensure you have a stress free time with some very memorable moments.

What standard of artist do I have to be?

Our painting or drawing sessions include - demonstrations, group or individual tuition if needed, with some group sessions. You have the choice to take part in all of these, or of course you may just like to paint in your own way, picking up the occasional tip to improve your painting. Yes, we cater for seasoned artists, and those who would just like to enjoy the ambience, scenery, and the company of others. We are extremely flexible to meet your particular needs.

What happens during the week for transport and support?

Our week starts with your collection at the airport or railway station. Some artists also drive to us. For those who wish to drive and take their time arriving, free parking is available and we can offer advice for a number of driving routes. Note, we provide all local transportation for the duration of the holiday. We commence with a welcome and introductory session with an explanation of the week, planned days out and activities available. A demonstration may also be available during this session to help with local subjects. We will either walk or be transported to our first painting location. Where possible we transport your painting equipment, chairs, bags etc direct to your central place of painting which ensures you only have the final few paces to find your desired area. We are able to assist you where needed to place your equipment in that 'special' place to gain your preferred view. Either way and on every day we provide this type of support to save you carrying equipment, bags or personal effects.

We pride ourselves in getting you to your location - fresh, not exhausted!

What standard is the accommodation?

Our accommodation varies on the holiday in question, and we aim for en-suite facilities to all bedrooms. A swimming pool, and B&B accommodation are always provided. Half board options are sometimes available and will be shown below if applicable. On some holidays we may also have a choice of either Hotels, Chambre d'hotes, Gites, Apartments or Chateau's and these change depending on location and time of year.

We personally visit and stay in all our venues to pre assess their suitability. It has to meet our criteria to satisfy our offering to our artists. Where we have two centre holidays to maximise holiday painting time v location, we will balance the accommodation to the local area. This means we will find the best value, quality and facilities available wherever we paint. This commitment to detail is always for your personal benefit.

Choice of accommodation will be provided on a first come first served basis. You may wish to have your own room, or share a twin room with a friend, partner, or non artist. This is an ideal way of gaining even better value from your holiday. Remember to bring a UK / European adaptor for your personal electrical needs.

What medium can I use?

Painting or drawing media is a personal choice and of course you will have to transport it. If local to the Art Trail Centre we provide limited pre holiday transportation of chairs, equipment etc which will be returned to you on our return to the UK. Paintings and drawings of course you will need to pack with your other personal belongings. So whether you use Oils, Watercolour, Pastel, Acrylic or any other single or mixed media remember to pack these in your main case with any sharp instruments. we also offer the chance to use a new medium whilst on holiday if you wish to 'have a go'.

What can my partner do?

For partners there is plenty to do whether you have come to relax, share the free time with your partner or enjoy the activities of walking, cycling, tennis, canoeing, micro-lite flights, horse riding, sightseeing, enjoying the local bars and restaurants, swimming, reading or just sheer relaxing, and so much more. Individual accommodation may have other activities.

How much does the holiday cost?

Tariffs will vary each year depending on the time of year, standard of local accommodation, location and exchange rates, tariffs for the next year are shown below.

How many people are in your party?

Please note we always limit the maximum size of our party will be between 6 to 14 artists.

How I book?

When you have decided to join us just follow the booking process. Nearer the holiday, upon receipt you will receive our first booking briefing. Closer to the event you will receive your final briefing. These are designed to help you plan what to bring and equally important what not to bring. They will also include other useful information to ensure your painting holiday is a wonderful experience. The information below answers many of the questions that have been asked pre booking.