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Workshops are held throughout the year in the form of Workshops in many subjects, and for any standard of ability.
We provide high quality art tuition to adults of all standards and abilities in various forms.


Jill McKay's Art Trail Centre Art with Class - Workshops

Jill McKay has many years of teaching drawing and painting at every level from beginner to A-level standard and experienced adult painters. Each individual can progress according to their own speed of learning within the workshop environment with personal attention given at all times. Teaching is at a variety of institutions in Ferndown area. Photographs above show students at the Art Trail Centre during a class and the Duchess of Cornwall during a 121 session with Jill McKay. Her painting was sold in aid of the W.I Charity.

Art with Workshops (Suitable for all)

Jill's sessions are both relaxed and informative. I have learned so many new techniques and really enjoyed the sessions - Terry M

Medium: Watercolour or other medium workshops

These will take you along a well planned and logical learning path.

Many demonstrations will show you new or different painting techniques and the different use of materials, according to your level of competence.

Choosing which colours work well together and organising your subjects on the paper are just a few of the many things covered during the event.;

We work step by step with beginners - together from perhaps sketches, objects or photographs for your personal styles to emerge.

More experienced students are given either more demanding tasks to develop their current knowledge, or more freedom during tuition time.

Students are shown simple solutions to many problems which they may encounter whilst painting with watercolours.
Student progress is personally developed whether you are a beginner or have already been painting for some time.

Duration: Lessons are 2 hoursTimes:

Sorry we no longer provide courses, only workshops, 121 tuition or small private groups


Art lessons are Step by step, plenty of explanations, demonstrations and practice time. Students progress along a logical trail of learning. Tuition is matched to the ability of each student.

Subject Matters:

Reference material is used to support the chosen techniques and subjects, which are too numerous to list. Suffice to say the reference material is constantly being updated. Students are encouraged to make notes and paint at home, although this is not a requirement.


New Beginners to the Art Trail Centre Club:


You will initially need:

A notebook & pen140lb (300 gsm) weight watercolour paper any size (Langton/ Bockingford is ideal)
A tube of Cotman Ultramarinewhich is a student quality paint made by Winsor & Newton.
A roll of masking tape and a pencil.
A number 10 Pro-arte brush series 100 or 101.

If you have existing materials and equipment please bring these on your first lesson but do not buy unnecessary equipment or materials until after your first class

If you cannot buy these please do not buy any other make until you have spoken to Jill. You can use a studio brush on your first lesson if necessary. After the first lesson you can purchase other equipment as recommended. This will prevent you purchasing unnecessary items. Some art suppliers give discounts to our students. Please call us if you are unsure of anything



Art with Class - Workshops - (Suitable for all)

We have a workshop Freqently Asked Questions page which will answer many of your questions.

In summary we run all different types of media workshops for those who wish to try another medium . Normally our workshops exclude all materials unless stated. You will take home a finished painting.

Filling one's time with satisfying and happy events is something we all attempt to achieve in life. Whether at social meeting groups or attending professional structured events to enhance our learning, one of the many popular areas satisfying this need is Drawing and Painting. Some of us can only do one, perhaps we believe or have been told  - none of these. Either way there are a number of factors to consider.

Finding a quality tutor with both the personal ability and artistic flare, professionally qualified, a wealth of experience, actually being a good teacher combined with good interpersonal and life skills; is truly a rarity.

The plethora of books, videos never  replace that interaction with a good tutor who is there for you throughout your time with them. Having a wide variety of subjects available and even more importantly techniques which can be learnt simply yet so effectively must always be at the top of one’s list for development.

The economic climate plays no part in preventing any of us using ones time to development   your painting pastime. Whether you are new to the area, painting or are wondering what to do with your time. Maybe you are a “rusty artist" yearning to return to art but need that gentle encouragement ? Perhaps you are a regular artist who values expert tuition which really adds value to your personal development and style. No matter what stage of painting or drawing you are, everyone can do it. Indeed, does one need to draw to be able to paint?

We are fortunate in Dorset to have the Art Trail Centre in Ferndown where you can achieve such positive results! The centre is run by Jill McKay where she teaches a broad spectrum of adult students of all skill levels using successful techniques in Watercolour, Pastels, Chinese Brush Painting, Gouache, Acrylics, Oils, Pen & Ink and Drawing. Certainly from student independent feedback her unique style and skills set the scene for so many successful classes and very satisfied students, whether during the weekly, evening classes or weekend workshops.
Jill is renowned for her unique tutoring skills, impressive student results and steady progress. She says “Although Newcomers have regularly joined historic classes or weekend workshops I am now semi retired and teaching 121 tuition or workshops only. .All the lessons are enjoyable whether you are a beginner or have more experience. "

Click on to our calendar above to see availability.


Watercolours, Pastels, Acrylics, Oils, Gouache, Pen & Wash and Oriental Brush Painting and Drawing Media.

Duration 3 - 6 hours

Times: normally from 10am or afternoons from 1.30pm.


Step-by-step and self contained. Some workshops may be part of a group, but all can be taken individually.

Subject Matters:

All lesson subject matter used is new, from flowers and landscapes, to seascapes and people. Techniques used may cover the practical and theoretical aspects, but this is apparent in the title and description of each workshop.


Depending on the actual workshop the prices vary for half day workshops. Generally materials are excluded unless stated.

For those travelling longer distances to us, why not book one of our morning workshops and compliment these with a personal 'one to one' tuition workshop in the afternoon, maybe with a freind too?

Art Painting Challenges (suitable for all)

Regular art challenge painting days are held throughout the year and any media may be used, these outdoor challenges provide a really exciting painting day with lots of personal challenges. Tuition is available to ensure you maximise the enjoyment and painting of the day. See our calendar for more information. On acceptance of your booking we will provide you with a list of the items you may need on the day.

Further Information

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